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8 ways you are being unfaithful to your spouse


Holding long engaging conversations with those of the opposite sex or developing emotional attachments through flirtatious behavior draw your heart toward another.

2. Sharing your secrets with the opposite sex

Transparency is the glue that helps create deep, intimate relationships.

Sharing your secrets with the opposite sex other than your spouse means you are putting yourself in a vulnerable position. The best-ever shoulder to cry on in times of trouble is that of your spouse.

3. Chatting online with the opposite sex

Social media connects the world and it improves communication as well but chatting online usually starts as a mere friendship but certainly does not end that way. Constant communications cloud your judgment and strengthen an unhealthy bond. By the time you gain self-consciousness, your marriage will be in jeopardy as one thing leads to the other.

4. Spending time alone with someone

Having lunch or dinner with opposite either at home or public place is an unfaithful behavior. Most people deceive themselves that things won’t happen because they are adults but things always happen. Save your marriage and spend time with your family.

5. Speaking negatively about your spouse to others

You should always have each other’s back and take positive about your spouse especially when the other is not present.

If you have an issue with him or her, settle at home and portray a positive image of your marriage to the public.

6. Denying your partner sex

To withhold sexual intimacy from your spouse if not doing your part in keeping your marriage strong and fulfilling. It creates sorrow and even suspicion. Being a faithful spouse means doing your part to make it a beautiful relationship in all aspects.

7. Putting your parents before your spouse

After marriage, your spouse should be the number one person in your life. You must every detail of your life with them before you even tell your parents. Let your spouse be the first to hear the good news before you tell others.

8. Dressing to attract the opposite sex

Your number one fan in all walks of life must always be your partner. If you are dressing to impress someone at work or in your area, you must reexamine your motives.


The Red Tea Detox

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