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Takoradi Technical University suspends 17 students for cheating in exams

Takoradi Technical University suspends 17 students for cheating in exams

Seventeen students of the Takoradi Technical University have been suspended for a year each for engaging in various kinds of examination malpractices during the last end-of-semester examination.

The students, in their attempt to outwit the invigilators, copied the answers on pieces of paper and handkerchiefs and smuggled them into the examination room, while others scribbled notes on parts of their bodies, practices that are against the university’s rules.

The affected students offer courses such as purchasing and supply, mechanical engineering, information communications technology, fashion, accounting, tourism and hospitality.

The university’s decision is to protect the integrity of its certificate, the quality of graduates and reputation of the university.

The Senior Principal Public Relations Officer of the university, Mr Ekow Payin Richardson, told the Daily Graphic that the students involved carried foreign materials into the examination hall, ostensibly to cheat the system.

Disciplinary committee

He said upon the discovery, the university did not rush into conclusion but referred the students, made up of 14 males and three females, to the Disciplinary Committee of the school.

He said the findings of the committee established that they were cheating during examination, contrary to the rules of the university.

He added that aside from the 17 who were handed the suspension letters, two others received warning letters while one paper of another student was cancelled.

University’s stance

Mr Richardson said the university considered cheating an offence and would not compromise its stance on the issue.

“We provide the perfect ambiance for students to achieve success. Therefore, if they fail to learn and believe that they can cheat, the system will fish them out,” he added.

Mr Richardson explained that after one year, the affected students would be at liberty to return to the school to complete their programmes.

He used the opportunity to advise students to devote the greater part of their time to learning, instead of trying to cheat the system.




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