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AU DAY-Africa Yet To Achieve Visa-Free Movement On The Continent – Karbo

AU DAY-Africa Yet To Achieve Visa-Free Movement On The Continent – Karbo

Anthony Abayifaa Karbo ,Deputy Minister for Roads and Highways

A Deputy Minister for Roads and Highways, Anthony Abayifaa Karbo is worried that 54 years of the existence of the African Union, the continent is still unable to achieve visa free travels for Africans within Africa.
“Sadly, the dream of visa free travels for Africans in Africa has not been accomplished in spite of the many progress achieved in that direction. Draconian economic conditions continue to hinder free trade between many African countries”, he observed.

In a statement commemorating the 54th AU Day, the Lawra Constituency lawmaker commended the he leaders of modern Africa who met to form the Organization for Africa Unity, the forebear of the Africa Union.

According to him, the main rationale was to hasten the liberation of the African continent through the removal of the boundaries imposed and/or reinforced by colonialism while enhancing the bonds of friendship and solidarity.

But he is worried that various impediments still inhibit the achievement of this dream which has compounded the unfortunate situations of war, disease and affliction that remain a daily reality for many citizens of Africa.

“Between many African countries there is as much strife and suspicion as there is within many countries. While there is much to celebrate 54 years on, there is a lot of work to be done. But together we can. While Africa is big and our problems are many we can make an impact locally. We can change the African story by changing our community stories. To paraphrase a popular saying “think Africa, act Ghana.”

“I belong to a Government which promises to “act Ghana”. A Government committed to changing the narrative on Africa by fixing the challenges of Ghana. A Government that promises to make Ghana a shining example in the many areas of our continental life where an example and a success story to look up to is badly needed.”

“A Government dedicated to both the big principles of governance such as a complete abhorrence for corruption and the small things such as punctuality and basic time management. This is a pledge which requires your support and dedication. On this day I urge you to be the new Ghanaian for a new Africa; committed in absolute terms to the rebuilding of our continent through the rewriting of the Ghanaian story. Let’s build Africa together. Let’s build Ghana together”, he urged.



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