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Kwabena Kwabena getting out of scene – Mel K Davis

Kwabena Kwabena getting out of scene – Mel K Davis

Kwabena Kwabena- is his music really in hibernation?

After recently stating that hip-life musician Guru is not an A-List artiste, Mel Kwasi Davis has once again strongly predicted that highlife musician Kwabena Kwabena is on his way to hibernation.

In his submission about the reasons why some old highlife/hiplife musicians are struggling to make it again in the industry, the boss of Event Republic and artiste manager, Mel, said during a discussion on Accra-based Onua 95.1 FM’s entertainment show Anigye mmre that: “When we talking about those who are struggling to make it, never add musicians like K.K Fosu because K.K Fosu is relevant and still playing shows. Even this Easter he performed at a lots of events.
“Can’t you see Kwabena Kwabena is out of the scene? He is on his way to hibernation,” he told the host, Christian Agyei Frimpong.
Mel Kwasi further stated that staying relevant in the industry doesn’t necessarily mean getting written about by bloggers.
“Do we have any forensic prove that musicians like Ex- Doe is not relevant? If the login systems were in place, a forensics will tell you Ex-Doe’s song is being played more than some of the new musicians, but because we don’t have a proper login system, we don’t see some of these things,” he argued.
Mel Kwasi Davis has been known for being behind artistes like Apaatse, K.K Fosu, Dada Hafco and is also the road manager for Nacee.


The Red Tea Detox

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