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Ghanaian celebrities condemn lynching of Capt. Mahama

Ghanaian celebrities condemn lynching of Capt. Mahama

D- black

Yvonne Okoro



Some Ghanaian entertainment personalities have condemned the lynching of Capt Maxwell Mahama of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) and have demanded justice for him.

He was lynched on Monday by residents of Denkyira-Obuasi after some youth of the town allegedly mistook him for an armed robber because he was carrying a firearm.

The Captain had been posted to the area about three weeks ago to relieve the Commander of the military personnel who were guarding a local mining company. The Platoon Commander had come to Accra to sit for an examination.

So far, five persons, according to the military, highly connected to the killing of Capt Maxwell Mahama, have been arrested.

Nana Ama McBrown

The unfortunate incident has received widespread condemnation from Ghanaians including some entertainment personalities.

Some of the personalities including Sonnie Badu, D-Black, Nana Ama McBrown, Yvonne Okoro, Lydia Forson, A-Plus, Prince David Osei, have all taken to social media to react to the unfortunate incident.

UK-based Ghanaian gospel musician posted on Instagram: “This is really sad that an innocent man has to be murdered in this manner. I will plead with the governments to equip these military men more … I.e even if it’s a form of identity they must have on when they are not in uniform. I also plead with people circulating the video of him dying to refrain from it, as the young man’s family has to be respected …..He has a young family, how would you feel if this is done to your brother? Please please please, refrain from sending the video to friends. And to bloggers, please take it off you social media platforms, this is not the time to generate traffic. Lets be a bit sensitive ….. #TakeHisVideoOffSocialMedia

Sonnie Badu

Rapper D-Black said: “This story jus broke my heart .. 💔
My heart goes out to his wife , children and his family … 😩 #RIPCaptainMahama

Actress Nana Ama McBrown also said on Instagram: “My condolences . R. I. P Captain. God will not forget your Wife and kids #JusticeForMahama #Sad#Ghana #Brimm

Yonne Okoro also revealed that: “#justiceforadams…just found out that he’s my classmates’ cousin,she’s been sobbing uncontrollably …culprits must be held accountable..thanks @lydiaforson for throwing light on ths senseless killing”

Lydia Forson in a lengthy post said: “Please read!!! An innocent life was taken away by some residents in the Central Region because they mistook him for an armed robber.
They killed this innocent man who was stationed there to serve and protect them because some saw him with a gun and immediately thought he was a thief.

Lydia Forson

They lynched and burnt him alive; I’m even tearing up writing that.
How do people think sometimes? And they were led by their assembly man who didn’t ask for verification nor did he think to send him to the police station if he really thought he was a thief.
Just a few days ago he was laughing with his old school mates and having a good time, I was giving them grief for not being invited to the gathering and we all had laughs about it. Now more than ever I wish I’d been there, seeing that it was my last opportunity to see him.

Mob justice must stop! The police and courts are there for this very reason, that an innocent man doesn’t doesn’t suffer the fate of a guilty one.

Even if you believe a person to be a thief, what does that make you the murderer?
Are we to treat you the same way seeing that your crime is worse?? These people must pay!!
He left behind a wife and two young children.
#Justice4Adams #MobJusticeMustStop

The actress, in another post, said: “#Justice4Adams
Let’s make this trend people!! He didn’t deserve to die like that, no one does. And please stop sharing pictures of his burnt body, some of us don’t want that to be our last memory of him. Think of his wife and children, they shouldn’t see the man they loved like that. #Justice4Adams

Prince David Osei

A-Plus in his post on Facebook said: “Some people say he was guarding Chinese galamsey operators that is why he was killed. Lets say it is even true. When was that law that allows you to kill criminals passed? If you have been able to over power a “suspected criminal” why don’t you hand him over to the police? Oh Ghana!!! Very sad”

A Plus

He cautioned the general public from sharing the video of the unfortunate incident: “Oh but those posting video and pictures of the killing of Captain Max on social media too why? If he was your family member will you post his killing on social media? You are no different from the killers. If you are saddened by his killing and feel for his family you won’t post this. Come on!!!!”

Actor Prince David Osei said: “So Pissed and Sad😈😈😈😈..How?Ghana why?Even If you suspected this Soldier to be a thief must you the youth of a community take the law into your own hands and stone him to death?What kind of lawlessness, inhumane, barbaric evil act is this?I am in tears,damn! I know this guy met him before 😭😭😭…all the people behind this devilish act must be apprehended fast, including the assembly man..After watching the video of him being lynched can’t just understand why the youth did this and recorded it..An innocent Soldier is killed for trying to stop illegal minning?HOW?#GhanaWakeUp🇬🇭Justice4AdamNow#R.I.P Soldier🙏”



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