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E/R: Okyenhene guards beat up driver

E/R: Okyenhene guards beat up driver

Some guards of Okyenhene Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panyin have assaulted a driver for linking the level of destruction caused by galamsey activities in Kibi to the traditional overlord.

One of the guards, Kwame Asiedu, an Assembly member, known as a ‘notorious galamsey operator’, slapped the driver in the full glare of the public during the World Environment Day celebration at Kibi on Monday.

Asiedu accosted the driver at the palace once again after the program and without provocation, slapped the driver for the second time.

Later, about six men from the palace followed the driver to his vehicle where he was seeking refuge, and brutally subjected him to severe beatings.

Speaking to journalists who witnessed the first incident at the durbar ground, the 48-year-old commercial driver, Kofi Minta, who was hired by the Eastern Regional Coordinating Council to convey journalists from Koforidua to the program, explained that, it has been years since he last visited Kibi, hence was amazed about the level of devastation caused by illegal miners. He said while the Okyenhene Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panyin was delivering his speech, he exclaimed that “this is what galamsey has done to Kibi”.

Galamsey activities have destroyed most parts of the Eastern region

All of a sudden, Asiedu who got wind of the statement made by the driver, slapped him. The driver added Asiedu attacked him again after the programme.

Asiedu, in an interaction with the media, justified his actions, questioning why the driver implicated the Okyenhene in the galamsey business. The Palace is yet to respond to the incident.







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