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Being a policeman is my priority – S.P Kofi Sarpong

Being a policeman is my priority – S.P Kofi Sarpong

Despite getting massive attention for his music, with some awards to his credit, gospel musician S.P. Kofi Sarpong says policing is his first love and would always choose it over music if need be.

According to him, though he is all over the place with his music, being a police officer is his priority since the appropriate atmosphere would not be there for musicians to record or perform if the nation was not at peace.

“In a nation at war or torn apart with strife, who would I be singing for? Music is my God-given talent that no one can take away. For now, I’ m combining it with my work as a police office and my superiors are fine with that,” he told Showbiz.

S.P Sarpong said if it came to a point where he would have to give up public performances, he would still love to perform in church.

“I can only be told to stop performing at public events and not in my church,” he emphasised.

Talking about his recent show, S. P. Kofi Sarpong Live in Concert, which has been rated by many as one of the best events in recent times, S. P. Sarpong said he nearly requested for a postponement because there were several other music-related activities on the day in Accra.

He said he expressed fears about poor patronage to his manager, Ernest Kwesi Ennin, but they decided to push on despite the other shows around.

“We had Ghana Meets Naija, The Experience With Diana Hamilton Show, Celestial Praise and other events on the same day. I was afraid that my show was going to flop but I thank God it passed off successfully,” he pointed out.

Known for songs like African Borborbor, Aseda, Oko Mame, Adom Bi, True Worship, Sacrifice, Meto Ndwom and Abotre, SP Sarpong asked his fans to watch out for new songs from him this year.


Source: graphiconline.com

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