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We’ll punish individuals who steal state funds—Finance Ministry

We’ll punish individuals who steal state funds—Finance Ministry

The Ministry of Finance has reiterated its commitment to punish individuals caught stealing state funds.

According to the ministry, it will strictly apply the Public Financial Management (PFM) Act to ensure fiscal discipline, and the efficient use of public resources for the delivery of improved public services.

In an interview with Citi Business News, the Chief Budget Analyst at the Ministry of Finance, Issac Fraikue  said the compliance with the Act would ensure that culprits not only pay the money back but serve the required jail terms when necessary.

“The view of the Finance Ministry now is taking a look at the PMF Act and then the punitive measures. It means that now we wouldn’t let people who go against procedures and rules go scot free so that there will be discipline” he stressed.

Mr. Fraikue stated that individuals would no longer get away with financial malfeasance by simply paying back stolen monies, but would be made to serve the full jail term that comes with it.

“Aside the other charges and the money you will be made to pay back, there should be some punishment alongside so the PMF Act has some months that you have to serve in jail,” he explained.

Mr. Fraikue spoke to Citi Businesss News at the sideline of the launch of the Ghana Accountancy and Finance Awards.

The awards which will take off in November this year seeks to reestablish the positions and importance of accountants in the country.

source: citibusinessnews.com

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