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Nene Sakite II condemns Sarkodie’s ‘Krobo’ lyrics

Nene Sakite II condemns Sarkodie’s ‘Krobo’ lyrics


Nene Sakite II- incensed by Sarkodie’s krobo lyrics

The Paramount Chief of the Manya Krobo Traditional Area, Nene Sakite II has chided Sarkodie for his rap in Kurl Songx’s ‘Jennifer Lomotey,’ describing it as demeaning to Krobo women.

Sarkodie describes Jennifer Lomotey, a character in the song, as a Krobo lady who is good in bed because she has been cursed by Okomfo Anokye with ‘promiscuity.’

Expressing his dissatisfaction with the song when the media paid a courtesy call on him at his residence at Odumase-Krobo today, Nene Sakite asked Sarkodie to retract the song or face their wrath for denigrating Krobo women.

“That Okomfo Anokye thing is ignorance because with all the marks on the Krobo woman, telling her you can’t do this – if you do this, this is what will happen to you, most women don’t do that. So that guy [Sarkodie] should retract that song otherwise we would have to meet him at the appropriate quarters,” he said.

Krobo ladies

Earlier on in the day, Kloma Hengme, a Krobo youth group which aims at projecting the values of the Krobo people, had also registered its displeasure with the song.

Esther Azu, an educationist, a professional counsellor and the women’s organiser of the group said they are disappointed in Sarkodie for his lyrics on a Krobo woman.

“Every tribe may have a myth, but his attempt to commercialise the so-called myth at our expense to make financial gains and profit for himself is where we have the problem. This is deliberate. This is calculated. This is unacceptable in this 21st century,” she said.

Krobo ladies are introduced into womanhood with Dipo rites that among other things, makes them appear almost naked in public

About a week ago, Kurl Songx, winner of MTN Hit maker 2016 released a single titled ‘Jennifer Lomotey.’

The song which featured Sarkodie has been under criticism by a section of the public who believe a portion of Sarkodie’s rap is demeaning to Krobos. In the song, Sarkodie raps: “Kr?b? nii baa papa a ahwene? da ne sisi. ?k?mfo An?kye de adwaman no ab? ne dua.”

This literally translates as “A good Krobo lady with beads around her waist. Okomfo Anokye has cursed her with promiscuity.”
Okomfo Anokye is great priest of the Ashanti Kingdom who is believed to have cursed Krobo women with promiscuity.

‘History’ has it that some Krobo girls were cursed by Okomfo Anokye with promiscuity because they had seen his nakedness when he was bathing by the riverside.

Sarkodie, known in private life as Michael Owusu Addo, is currently one of the successful artistes in Ghana. He is noted for hit songs like ‘Baby,’ ‘Adonai,’ ‘Kanta,’ ‘Choices,’ ‘Gboza’ and ‘Pain Killer.’

Listen to ‘Jennifer Lomotey’ by Kurl Songx ft. Sarkodie below:




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