The Auditor-General also said on Saturday that he has started gathering the needed evidence to reinforce his powers of disallowance and surcharge.

Daniel Domelevo

He said he has to meticulously build a file which has evidence for each of the cases before proceeding.

“If I surcharge you and you don’t agree with me and we go to court, I cannot just pull out just my report to say this is the evidence to your embezzlement. I must show documents that you signed this and that vouchers for this payment, showing the invoice number and all,” he said.

He said he will not enforce his powers to surcharge just because an infraction was identified in the past and rectified, but instead, those cases that have credible documents to back his work.

“It’s continuous progress. As we go, if we identify those who have not paid the money or have not been able to provide documentary evidence to acquit the expenditure, that is the person we will surcharge,” he reiterated.

Every year, the Auditor-General makes serious findings of many instances of misapplication of colossal amounts by public office holders.

Sometimes the public officers make admissions before the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament but none is ever held accountable or punished.