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J Initiative kicks off ‘Donate a Pad’ campaign

J Initiative kicks off ‘Donate a Pad’ campaign

As part of efforts to address menstrual challenges of the under privileged in Ghana, J Initiative (JI) – an NGO – has begun a ‘Donate a Pad’ campaign.

The move is welcoming the donation of pads from individuals across the globe. J Initiative has targeted the collection of 5,000 pads.

Research has revealed that many school going girls live with the struggle of proper management of their menstrual circle. The development leaves many of them absent from school and others quit due to the embarrassment.

J Initiative’s campaign coordinator for the ‘Happy School Girl Project’, Eyram Agblewornu told that the initiative is to help support the girls.

“Some of them miss out on school; they prefer not to go to school. When they are home whatever they can do they do it but when you are in school, you have to go to class; they just can’t focus. They may have fears of getting their uniform soiled and they are in school with boys; so psychologically it disturbs some of them,” Agblewornu noted.

She added that the development makes them isolated and often shy away from sporting activities.

It has been identified that some school going girls use unhygienic material during their menstrual period exposing themselves to great danger.  Many underprivileged homes are unable to acquire sanitary pads for females due to cost although a paltry Gh¢1 can provide one.

J Initiative is intensifying education and advocacy on Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) under its “Happy School Girl Project” (HSGP) to seek redress.

It is therefore sowing recyclable pads and has gathered about 275 pads from individuals to support the campaign.
It is also pushing for tax exemption on the importation of pads into the country to help address the challenge. Kenya recently amend its tax laws to exempt pads. It is believed that as the campaign gathers momentum Ghana will emulate.

Some individuals who have supported the campaign so far include:

1. Wanda Wyderrmyer

2. Edem Sename

3. Opare Jefferey Akoto

4. Ingrid Akafo

5. J.K Darko

6. Wilson Agyei

7. Dela Senayah

8. Elizerbert Normanya

9. James Mwinyelle

To support the project you can call 054 797  2057.

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