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Farmers using ‘Omo’ to fight fall army worms

Farmers using ‘Omo’ to fight fall army worms

Farmers in the country have resorted to mixing detergents and pepper to spray farms taken over by the fall army worms.

The farmers argue that, their potion is even more effective than the chemicals provided by the government to fight the crop-eating worms.

The Member of Parliament for Asunafo South, Eric Opoku, who is the Ranking Member on the Food, Agriculture and Cocoa Affairs Committee of parliament told Accra-based Class FM: “It looks like it is beyond government’s capability to deal with the situation.”

According to the MP, maize is a staple crop and called on the government to avoid “trivialising or politicising the issue so that we can tackle the issue squarely, because the infestation is now across all the 10 regions”.

Over 112,000 hectares of farms have so far been destroyed by the green-striped caterpillar larvae of moths.

The washing powder being used by farmers to fight the army worms

The pests were detected last year, and have since wreaked havoc on farms in all the 10 regions of the country.

The Programme Officer of the Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana (PFAG), Charles Nyaaba, believes that the government must declare a state of emergency over the matter.

In an interview with Accra-based Joy FM, Nyaaba said, government’s assurance that there are enough free chemicals available for farmers to contain the menace is not accurate.


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