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Pride has made me irrelevant in the music industry – KK Fosu

Pride has made me irrelevant in the music industry – KK Fosu

Highlife musician, KK Fosu has acknowledged that pride has dwindled his fortunes in the Ghana Music industry.

According to him,after releasing songs he gives it out to just a few Djs to be aired rather than focusing on promoting the songs in order to get the song aired across the country.

The artiste who spoke to Joy News’ MZ Gee said “I am not pushing, K.K should push harder. K.K will do a song and maybe throw it to one or two D.J’s but certain artistes will go and be hungrily promoting, trying to be there, trying to be famous, trying to let people know them.”

He indicated that instead of availing himself for interviews, he rather wants to be begged before he grants interviews and that has caused him a great deal.

“But K.K Fosu I don’t push my music. K.K don’t go to interviews, they beg before I go and I think that is the reason.”

He, however, indicated that he is not into music for his livelihood because he makes money from managing footballers and he is content with the money he gets from football.

The highlife artiste indicated that his absence from the music scene has also paved way for artiste like Bisa kdei and others to also enjoy the limelight in order to build a life for themselves.

“Imagine if K.K Fosu is still trending, how can Bisa K’dei be on top like that because they were struggling to come up when we were on top,” he said. Lumba is not kicking like back then, Kojo Antwi is not kicking like he used to, we have so many ‘hiplifers’ who have fallen and gone out of the system but I know that Ghanaians have trust in K.K Fosu.”




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