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I’m Not Married – Vincent McCauley

I’m Not Married – Vincent McCauley

You may have read and send pictures on many websites that Vincent McCauley recently got married. Well he says he is still single.
News of his alleged secret wedding to fellow actor, Sitsofe Tsikor nearly broke the Internet. Photos of the glamorous ceremony gave some people couple goals,but as is typical it Ghana, the reports were geared towards promoting an upcoming movie.

The couple have denied any intimate relationship between them, and added that their marital vows in the presence of some Ghanaian celebrities were from a movie scenes.

The couple, Vincent McCauley, Sitsofe Tsikor along with Adjetey Anang, Ludwig Kalms, Elaine Attoh, Grace Omaboe and others starred a Ghanaian movie dubbed ‘My Very Ghanaian Wedding’.

Sitsofe disclosed that playing the role of a bride was challenging, fun and educative. “Hahahhaha was funny … Missing my friend in many takes, intact we both laughed about it many weeks after. It also felt awesome looking like a bride .. it gave me a glimpse of how I will look like on my actual wedding day”.

She added that “Vinnie is one of the most amazing human beings on the planet and we have been friends for a while so it was absolutely amazing working with him”.

Adams Apple star, Mr. McCauley revealed he is still single and doesn’t feel pressured to get married. He thanked the producers for casting him to play such a loving and important role in their role. “ It made me grow as an actor and it brought me immense joy because I got to act with people I’ve watched and loved for decades like Albert Jackson, Grace “Maame Dokunu” Omaboe and Dzifa Glikpoe. Acting with Adjetey Annan after 14 years was magical for me as well as Elaine A. Attoh, Ludvig Kalms and Sitsofe Tsikor, my dear good friends. I also had the rare opportunity to be on set with Dana Wachter, freelance journalist, digital storyteller and actress and I admire her tenacity and team spirit”.

‘My Very Ghanaian Wedding’ will be premiered at Silver Bird Cinemas (Accra Mall and West Hills Mall) on Friday, October 6, 2017, at 7 pm and 9 pm respectively for GHC 30.




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