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Tamale Mayor places curfew on Minors

Tamale Mayor places curfew on Minors

Mr. Iddrisu Musah Superior-Tamale Mayor- furious

The Mayor of Tamale, Mr. Iddrisu Musah Superior, has vowed to order the police and military to arrest and haul before a juvenile court parents of minors who would be found wandering on streets beyond 10pm.

The Mayor said the new crackdown was to ensure an orderly, disciplined and more sanitized society, and parents whose children are caught loitering on the streets at “anti-social hours” would be arrested and charged with abandonment.

“We are craving for an orderly, disciplined and sanitized  society, and you cannot have a society where  the people who are the future leaders are left unsupervised, and that is why I think it’s important we send a clear message to parents of these minors roaming the street….I’m not going to be a mayor for anything, the welfare, and security of these children is critical, my job here is to make sure the welfare of every citizen in Tamale is in peace and security.

”The future of everyone is important.I’m sending a message to them, we will arrest children who roam the streets at night and their parents will be brought to the Juvenile courts to answer,” Superior told Starr News.

The stern warning signed by the Mayor also includes a clampdown on occupants of the only surviving forest reserve in the city. Hundreds of unemployed youth have invaded the forest. Tents and other structures have been erected and become a home for some, particularly wee sellers and petty offenders.

It is also a hideout for criminals, but a business venture for other residents who sell food, water, cigarette and other petty traders. Gang violence has broken out severally and many deaths have been recorded in the forests.

The forest originally occupied 138.64. The reserve has seen massive encroachment. Part of it was ravaged for the construction of the Tamale Sports Stadium, the Timber market and other government properties and private setups.

The Mayor called them illegal occupants and said they would be evicted forcefully by the military  if they show any resistance or defiance.  He also indicated that residents would be required to pay a fine, if caught defecating in the open or in the forest.

“We are very clear, we have given them 21 days, anybody in the forest, anybody who is occupying the forest, has to move within the next 21 days. Anybody who is found defecating in the forest would be arrested and would be fined GH200, that has been captured in our bylaws. We are not going to allow indiscipline in this town any longer”.



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