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I will save GH economy with wee — Blakk Rasta

I will save GH economy with wee — Blakk Rasta

Blakk Rasta -says he would use the legalisation of marijuana to save Ghana’s economy

You may not know what can come out of the mouth of radio presenter and musician, Blakk Rasta, but there is no doubt that it will be controversial.

The irreverent man, who was forced to apologise after claiming about 80 percent of Ghanaian Parliamentarians smoked marijuana, has over the years earned a reputation for speaking his mind, no matter what.

Now he says he wants to be an Agric Minister should maijuana be legalised in Ghana.

 Blakk Rasta has been one of the strongest advocates for the legalisation of marijuana and has used several platforms to try to sell the benefits of such a move especially with revenue generation.According to the presenter, who is currently pursuing his Doctorate Degree in South Africa, he would solve Ghana’s problems if he becomes the Agric Minister.
 “I am not bragging, but if given the mandate as the Agric Minister, I would solve Ghana’s economic challenges with Indian hemp.  Weed has helped to save the economy of so many countries like Jamaica and even America,” he told Showbiz.

Asked how he was going to execute his plan, Blakk Rasta said government can regulate the policy with state -controlled farms where there can be effective monitoring.Government can then export the marijuana from these farms and make millions of dollars from it.



“If a small country like Jamaica, with a population of less than two million, can legalise weed and make so much money out of it, then Ghana can make trillions by legalising it,” he said.

The legalisation of maijuana has gained attention in recent times with many prominent personalities urging government to consider it.Among them is former UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, who says it a way to combat drug abuse and illegal trafficking. The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Standards  Authority, Prof Alex Dodoo has also made similar calls.

Former UN Secretary General-Kofi Annan-says ‘wee’ should be legalised as it would be a way to combat drug abuse and illegal trafficking

Blakk Rasta feels vindicated now.

“Ghanaians had a problem with me when I said marijuana should be legalised because 80 percent of MPs use it. I was invited to Parliament but today Kofi Annan, Prof. Doddoo and a host of others are singing the same song,” he said.

To add more weight to his call, Blakk Rasta has released a song titled ‘Kofi Annan Says’, urging government to legalise it.

After being away from radio for over a year, Blakk Rasta disclosed that he will be coming back on air next month.





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