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Immigration boss plays hide and seek with Indian businessman in contempt case

Immigration boss plays hide and seek with Indian businessman in contempt case

The Comptroller-General of the Ghana Immigration Service, Kwame Takyi has failed to show up in an Accra High court, stalling a contempt action initiated against him.

He has for the past two months  been engaged in a legal tussle with an Indian Businessman, Ashok Kumar Sivaram.

Mr Takyi had earlier this year withdrawn the Indian businessman’s permit and deported him.

In the deportation order, the businessman was accused of acquiring “a forged marriage certificate in support of his application for citizenship in Ghana.”

Unhappy with the development, Mr Sivaram sued the Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery and the Immigration Service for illegally deporting him.

An Accra High Court in a ruling on July 31, stated Kumar Sivaram was illegally deported and ordered the two defendants to ensure his safe return to Ghana.

Ashok Kumar Sivaram Indian

Ashok Kumar Sivaram

The deportation was quashed and the Immigration Service ordered to restore Mr Sivaram’s permit within seven days.

This directive, however,  has not been obeyed forcing lawyers for the businessman to initiate contempt proceedings against the Immigration boss.

As Joy News’ Joseph Ackah-Blay reported from court on Tuesday, the State Attorney Jasmine Armah, pleaded for an adjournment when she informed the court Mr. Takyi was on tour with the Interior Minister making it impossible for him  to be present.

This did not sit well with lead counsel for the businessman Gary Nimako Marfo who accused the immigration boss of deliberately avoiding the court.

He claimed the businessman had on three occasions tried to escape being served with the contempt writ but was eventually served.

State Attorney Jasmine Armah disagreed with this narration insisting the Immigration boss was willing to appear before the court.

She also told the court they had filed an appeal of the Court’s decision ordering the restoration of the permit.

Presiding judge, Justice Daniel Mensah has adjourned hearing of the matter to November 13, 2017.


Source: myjoyonline.com

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