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Proving people wrong is not the way to go – Dziffa Akua Ametam

Proving people wrong is not the way to go – Dziffa Akua Ametam

Dziffa Ametam, an entrepreneur and manager of dziffa.com has said that her success is not as result of proving anyone wrong but is credited to her determination and goals she set for herself.

“Our mother was not around so as an only daughter to my father, I had to take up the motherly role, that includes coming back home early from school to cook but I covered up by studying when my brothers were asleep,” she said.

Dziffa said that she does not see anything wrong with doing the cooking as a girl since now she is very independent and she can prepare her own food and take care of her home.

“And just as I did the cooking someone had to do the scrubbing and I told my dad it surely wasn’t going to be me”, she said, in a statement suggesting that her brothers did their fair share of the chores.

She made this comments on Wednesday, during a discussion on the Super Morning Show on Joy FM to commemorate the International Girl Child Day.

Unlike many situations where the girl is made to stay home or drop out of school, Dzifa told Kojo Yankson that, “I had no challenge to education and my dad paid my fees way through to college”.

The entrepreneur also said women in big positions need not be celebrated for their achievements since it should be normal.

“Women making it should be a norm and not something that needs to be hailed,” she said.


Source: myjoyonline.com

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