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‘Fresh’ lifeless baby found in Subin River

‘Fresh’ lifeless baby found in Subin River

Traders of the Abinchi market in Kumasi of the Ashanti Region were yesterday (Monday) thrown into a state of shock when they discovered the lifeless body of a fresh baby girl wrapped in a polythene bag.

Scrap dealers picking up metals washed into the Subin drains chanced on the bizarre object and dragged it to shore in curiosity.

The content which drew crowds to the place, was a dead baby wrapped in white bed sheets with a hospital drip syringe fastened to the arm of the baby.

An eyewitness Asare Boadi who narrated the scene to Abusua FM’s Osei Kwadwo recounted that, ”I have a kiosk at the Abinchi market where they sell coconut. I was alarmed when I saw people running from that direction. So I got close and asked only to find out that someone had dropped a dead baby into the Subin River.”

“The Dagombas who deal in scraps here saw the wrapped object when they stepped into the water to scoop up metal scraps. One of them brought up the object in his curiosity and unwrapped it. His screams drew the people to the place.”

“I personally called the police to convey the body to the mortuary. The umbilical cord of the baby looks like that of a baby which had just been born probably a few hours after it was damped there,” Asare Boadi narrated.

When contacted, the Central Police Command indicated it was yet to find out which of the police commands went for the body of the baby and which hospital’s morgue the remains were deposited.


Source: Ultimatefm

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