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DVLA goes digital with registration of drivers’ license

DVLA goes digital with registration of drivers’ license

Persons who apply for a drivers’ license will now be able to obtain it within a period of two to four weeks.

This follows the introduction of the New Smart Drivers’ License which will be launched on the 7th of November 2017.

Speaking to Citi Business News at the sidelines of a media engagement with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority( DVLA), Deputy CEO of the Authority, Kwame Appiah Kubi was optimistic that the introduction of the new system will among other things reduce revenue leakages normally associated with the application of driver’s licenses.

“We have to digitize, which is also part of government’s target that we remove the human interface from the system. It’s there that this issue of “gorro” boys” will be removed, he said.

“Dwindling revenue is also going to be improved, that is why management came out with this policy of digitizing almost all our services so that it will be easier for people to access our services,” he added.

Speaking about some features of the new license, Appiah Kubi stated that it has a contactless Chip; to promote good storage of bio-data and personal driver information.

He pointed out the license will also have that State of the Art- Technology; making use of the latest technology for secure ID printing that can be easily integrated with other systems of the DVLA.

“It will have improved Security. It comes with improved and guaranteed security of card and data, as well as a unique design that depicts the rich culture of the country,” he said.

According to the Mr. Appiah Kubi the move is borne out of the important need to have a portable device that would store all pieces of information that were originally stored on the paper of Vehicle Registration Certificate as well as the Form A and Form C.

“While the information of vehicle owners will be more secure and better protected, it will also make it relatively easy for DVLA officers to retrieve vehicle documents and this will ultimately have a positive impact on the authority”.

Benefits of New Vehicle Registration Smart Card.

  1. It is expected to enhance the vehicle registration process because application and processing could be done online.
  2. It simplifies the transfer of ownership of motor vehicles registered in another jurisdiction and eliminates to compose transfer letter(s).
  3. It enables frontline officers of the Authority to determine the information of vehicle owners during the registration process in cases where vehicles were previously registered in another jurisdiction.

Acquiring the new driver’s license will attract an additional Gh₵91 separate from the present charges on all other services including replacement (Gh₵64 + Gh₵91 = Gh₵155), new license (Gh₵166 +Gh₵91 = Gh₵257) and transferring a foreign license to Ghanaian one (Gh₵364 + Gh₵91 = Gh₵445).


Source: citifmonline

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