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‘Vigilantism taskfoce’ will root out thugs – Expert

‘Vigilantism taskfoce’ will root out thugs – Expert

Security Expert, Adam Bonaa, has called for a special force, similar to the one formed to fight illegal mining activities, to deal with the relentless incidents of violence by political vigilante groups.

“Let’s have a political vigilantism SWAT team to be deployed within minutes to get some these guys who are taking all of us hostage,” he said.

His suggestion follows yet another incident of violence by NPP youth in the Upper West Region.

The District Chief Executive (DCE) for Sissala West was forced to flee his office after irate NPP youth besieged his workplace late Thursday afternoon.

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Adam Bonaa

They claim the DCE, Mohammed Bakor, has failed to address their concerns about jobs and sidelining them in the running of the district.

An eyewitness and a staff of the Youth Employment Agency (YEA), which is situated close to the DCE’s office, told Joy News that the DCE’s was a chaotic scene as workers fled from the irate NPP supporters.

Thursday afternoon’s incident is the second in two days after youth of Karaga in the Northern region locked up the office of the Youth Employment Agency coordinator last Wednesday, renewing concerns about violent attacks and the disregard for the law by groups affiliated to a political party, usually referred to as ‘political vigilante groups’.

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Delta Force Court

The lawless activities of these vigilante groups have persisted despite efforts by the police to root them out, a situation that has been blamed on interference by influential persons in the work of the law enforcement agencies.

However, Adam Bonna believes, although political interference remains a key impediment to enforcing the law, a special taskforce created from the police and the military with the sole mandate of dealing with such crimes should limit such interference.

“We have to look at a strategy but I think we have to do that as soon as possible. It is important,” he said.

Watch more in the video below.


Source: myjoyonline

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