After frantic investigations, the Health Ministry announced Thursday, the unknown disease is Influenza Type A H1N1 known popularly as Swine Flu.

Over 1,000 students have received some drugs to protect them even before the Influenza was confirmed.

Since the confirmation, 44 students hospitalised have been discharged after receiving treatment.

But the Minister maintained, the president is not at risk of contracting the disease.

“When we realised that he went there on Saturday without stopping him, we alerted his doctor and I think the President is in a very good condition,” he told host Kojo Yankson.

“Between Friday and Saturday, nobody would have thought that this was the situation that we were going to go through. So I must admit that we put the president at risk”, he said.

The Health Minister said the President was informed of the situation but is yet to be briefed of the confirmation of Influenza.

It will be done Friday morning, he said.

The Health Ministry’s fresh headache is how to trace parents who came for their wards before drugs could be administered or disease confirmed.