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“Disrespectful” Nitiwul must apologise to Mahama- Spokesperson

“Disrespectful” Nitiwul must apologise to Mahama- Spokesperson

Spokesperson to ex-president John Mahama has described as “disrespectful” comments suggesting Mr Mahama abused his position to acquire a military land which now serves as his private residence.

Joyce Bawa Mogtari is therefore asking the Defence Minister, Dominic Nitiwul, to withdraw and apologize for his “distasteful” comment.

Her call for an apology comes hours after the East Dadekotopon Development Trust came to the defence of the ex-president insisting the land in question is not owned by the military and was legally acquired by the ex-president.

Last week the Defence Minister Dominic Nitiwul stirred the hornet’s nest with his outburst against public officials accusing them of illegally acquiring military lands.

“Now we have squeezed our Armed Forces in Burma Camp and I think that if I have my will I would have gone after those people. Within two years we have sold every piece of land, over 300 acres of land to individuals. So that what happens? Top politicians who are supposed to have protected and covered the lands have bought the lands,” he alleged.

He named the ex-president John Mahama as one of the beneficiaries of the ‘disputed’ land and asked him to vacate in his own interest.

But the office of the ex-president issued a statement dismissing the comments.

“This Office is appalled at the minister’s unfounded accusation because any serious Defence Minister, with the Military Intelligence apparatus under him would know that President Mahama has no claim to the ownership of the land of the property in which he resides,” the office said.

However on Tuesday the East Dadekotopon Development Trust addressed a press conference challenging the claims by the Minister.

“It is not military land [even] the Burma Camp land is an old airport land acquired in 1944,” Secretary to the Trust, Nii Odoi Yemoh said.

Speaking to Joy News’ Emefa Apawu, the Spokesperson to the ex-president, Joyce Bawa Mogtari said the Defence Minister acted in “bad faith.”

She said by the “distasteful” comments by the Minister he has breached the security and safety of the ex-president.

Joyce Bawa Mogtari

She said it is clear the ex-president did not buy any land belonging to the military but rather dealt with an estate agent who has rights to the land.

“He (Nitiwul) owes the ex-president an apology” she said, adding if Nitiwul refuses to apologise the public will be the better judges.

Attempts by Joy News to get a reaction from the Defence Minister proved futile.

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