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KMA suspends ‘Ghana Beyeyie’ for assaulting Deputy Director

KMA suspends ‘Ghana Beyeyie’ for assaulting Deputy Director

Immediately Ghana Beyeyie who had been participating in the assembly’s deliberations realised that the issues of his suspension was to be tabled on the floor, he walked out of the assembly.


It all started when on November 22, 2017; when Mr Adams was invited to the Finance and Administration sub-committee of the assembly and asked about certain issues but could not provide answers. Mr Adams explained that his boss, the Coordinating Director was the best to answer that question.

On his way going out, the Chairman of the sub-committee started raining insults on him and in reply, Mr Adam responded that “I came to the assembly with my certificate” which infuriated Ghana Bayeyie.

Unable to contain the claim by Mr Adam that he came to the assembly with his certificate, Ghana Beyeyie, who felt insulted pounced on Mr Adams and in the process punched him several times on the face leading to the destruction of his eye-glasses and a cut on his face.

With his bloody face, Mr Adams was rushed to the Cocoa Clinic for treatment and later reported the matter to the Kumasi Central Police who wrote to the assembly to release Ghana Beyeyei for investigation.

Presiding Member

The Presiding Member, Mr Abraham Boadi, later told the Daily Graphic that, when Ghana Beyeyie appeared before the PRCC, he insisted that because the matter was before a law court he could not comment on it but failed to provide any documentation to that effect.

He said not even the explanation that the PRCC was not looking into the criminality of the issue but his conduct as an assembly, could convince Ghana Beyeyei to assist the committee.


Mr Boadi said all witnesses corroborated the assault issue and the committee recommended that Ghana Beyeyie should be suspended for a year, which the majority of assembly members voted for.

The committee recommended that Mr Adams should also be suspended for two weeks after he had rendered an apology to the Finance and Administration for claiming that he was at the assembly with his certificate.

At the general assembly meeting, Mr Adams, who was almost in years apologised to the house about his comments and asked for forgiveness. Touched by his show of remorse, the assembly voted unanimously not to suspend him.

Source: adomonline
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