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Prof. Kojo Yankah bemoans destruction of Ghana’s heritage sites

Prof. Kojo Yankah bemoans destruction of Ghana’s heritage sites

Board Chair of the Ghana Heritage Conservation Trust, Prof. Kojo Yankah, has bemoaned the increasing rate with which Ghana’s heritage and historical sites are being destroyed.

According to him, heritage and historical sites are key treasures that ought to be protected and kept by every nation, however, the current disregard the heritage sites leaves much to be desired.

Prof. Yankah was speaking after the Ghana Heritage Conservation Trust handed over an ultra-modern toilet facility to the People of Jukwa as part of the Organization’s corporate social responsibility.

The former Minister of State explained the country’s heritage and historical sites should receive an overwhelming attention rather than the current dispensation where such sites are not being improved.

“We are breaking down heritage sites in this country at an alarming speed which really worries me but I believe that that is not my scope.

“But if there is any stakeholders’ meeting organized by the Ghana Tourist Board or the Ministry of Tourism, we will be interested and participate in it to put our ideas and plans forward. I tell you there is so much but on the other hand we are destroying them,” he lamented

He called for a concerted effort to ensure the country makes adequate use of the heritage sites that are available.

“The earlier the country realized the treasures embedded in these heritage sites the better it would be for the country,” he added.

Since the inception of the Ghana Heritage Conservation Trust, several communities have benefited from the benevolence of the Trust in the construction of educational structures and social amenities with the latest one being the ultra-modern toilet facility for the people of Jukwa.

Prof. Kojo Yankah also indicated that beyond the several additions that management of the Kakum National Park has brought to the park, management has also been consulting widely to bring more improvement to make the Kakum National Park a world-class facility whose memories will stay with visitors forever.

The Ghana Heritage Conservation Trust was set up to promote the preservation and conservation

of Ghana’s historic monuments, sites and biodiversity. Kakum National Park Visitors’ Centre and the Canopy Walkway are part of the sites the Ghana Heritage Conservation Trust manages.

The UNESCO Listed World Heritage Properties in Ghana are:

The Forts and Castles along the coast of Ghana from Beyin in the Western Region to Keta in the Volta Region, including those in ruins, and the ten remaining Asante Traditional Buildings in and around Kumasi, in the Ashanti Region.

The following sites are on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Properties:

Kakum National Park (17/01/2000)

Mole National Park (17/01/2000)

Navrongo Catholic Cathedral (17/01/2000)

Nzulezu Stilt Settlement (17/01/2000)

Tengzug – Tallensi settlements (17/01/2000)

Trade Pilgrimage Routes of North-Western Ghana (17/01/2000)



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