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The ugly ones are yet to be polite; Uber driver talks kisses, naked passengers

The ugly ones are yet to be polite; Uber driver talks kisses, naked passengers

The introduction of Uber as a means of transport, for many, has brought some dignity into commuting especially within the city.

Many prefer Uber to the traditional taxi service because of the transparency in fares and the fact that the cars are unbranded.

But all is not glitzy as it seems for the drivers, well from the account of at least one driver.

A trip from Achimota to Kokomlemle, all suburbs of Accra, opened an interesting book of interesting tales tucked under the cabins of some Uber drivers.

Let’s call our Uber driver, Kwame, obviously he wants to remain anonymous, but I can tell you he is good-looking, gentle and drives a Kia Morning.

A chit chat with Kwame revealed the drama that an Uber driver can be caught up in.

Ugly, rude riders:

Kwame, after a few months of driving a work-and-pay Uber car, claims it takes a great deal of self-control to withstand some of the temptations a driver is routinely subjected to.

He believes Uber riders are the rudest people on earth.

“They can’t do that in a taxi, the driver would drop them!” he stressed.

According to him, some verbally abuse the drivers and he has endured that on several occasions.

The painful bit for him, he adds, is that the rude ones are usually the unattractive ones.

“If like they were handsome or pretty self like it will be cool,” Kwame said with a little disdain on his face. According to him, they are rude and they talk by heart. Some even throw the fare at him.

He recounted that once he picked a foreigner and after driving through rough roads and getting to his destination, the man ignored the fare the Uber app had generated.

“The fare was 50 but he said he will pay 10 [cedis]” and after a back and forth, Kwame said he accepted the 10 cedis because he didn’t want a strike of bad conduct from the passenger.

“You see this cable?” he asked to which I replied “auxiliary cable (AUX)”. This cable is usually used to connect to devices to play music in cars.

Riders sometimes request to play music on their phones in the car and as a good driver whose ultimate aim is to provide the best experience, you have to oblige. The customer comes first.

“I don’t have a problem with that,” Kwame said but what annoys him is the levels of the sound. “They are very loud…you don’t even hear other cars coming,” but unfortunately there is nothing he can do about it.

Females strip naked, some offer kisses

Yes, all that happens in an Uber. Kwame said some passengers, usually, females, change or dress up in his car.

Some change their entire cloths in the car. Some even show their breasts, he adds. “I think they change to go to the club,” he said.

Kwame, who says he has a girlfriend, says he always exercise self-control.

Some riders, he said, sometimes offer kisses as payment.

Asked if he has accepted a kiss as payment, he said “no.”

Asked if he was ever offered sex as payment, he said it may have happened “if I am not disciplined…”

His answer came in time because I had just got to my destination.


Source: myjoyonline

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