“There is a reason for the C-section but because people have had one previous C-section then they go in for a second C-section…statistics tell us that the C-section rate is going higher and higher…

“And we know that Caesarian section is associated with long and short complications,” she said.

Baby Foot

Birth by cesarean poses several challenges for a baby, according to health experts.

Credible literature on C-sections reveals that compared to babies born vaginally, babies born by cesarean are at risk for health complications they are less likely to face a normal birth.

Especially if the mother did not labour, babies are more likely to have difficulty breathing on their own.

Skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby also has several adaptive benefits for the newborn.

Furthermore, pain medications that sedate the mother can affect the newborn’s ability to latch on and breastfeed.

Drugs used for anaesthesia may also cross the placenta and can make it more difficult for babies to initiate breastfeeding.

Meanwhile, the Head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department, Dr  Ali Samba, has called on the government to provide funding for research relating to maternal health issues.