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The big lie of the beauty industry

I am a woman in my late 20s who spent too much time in the tanning bed and the sun growing up. I could blame it on “it’s what everyone was doing at the time” excuse, but quite frankly, I should have known better.

As I approach the 30-year mark, I am blown away by how much I have aged over the past year. I feel as though I woke up one morning and looked 20 years older: dark circles under my eyes and an ever-increasing amount of fine lines that are not so “fine” any more.

It all is really throwing me for a loop.

To make matters worse, I log in to social media to see all of my friends have no wrinkles, no blemishes and now I am convinced I am going to look like an 80-plus year old by the time I turn the big 3-0.

And then I find myself googling the latest “age-reversal trends,” hoping there is some magical, pain-free, super economical option out there that will reverse my aging situation. The results are limitless, but none of them seem to fit the parameters of cheap, painless and effective.

As a woman who fights hard to believe God has designed my body, skin and mind with a specific, unique and perfect purpose in mind, there is something deep in my heart that stirs when I go into these aging freak outs.

You see, my head knows the truth:

I am perfect just the way God created me to be.

The Lord looks at my heart, not my outward appearance.

God does not “see” as the world sees.

And I believe these things to be true, I really, really do. So why is there a tension? Why do I find myself wondering if there are any verses in the Bible about God being OK with botox or anti-aging procedures?

Recently, I was sitting around a table with women a few decades older than I. Each woman present had gorgeous, flawless skin—perfect everything. Each woman was someone I immensely respected. As the evening continued, the topic of beauty maintenance came up and I quickly realized there are some serious regimens going on and that those beautiful complexions were not as effortless as I had thought.

They were not effortless at all. Their efforts to fight the aging process required time, money and a lot of energy focusing on what they wanted to change about their appearance.

By the end of the dinner I wasn’t sure if I should schedule a consult with their plastic surgeon or pull out my Bible and start memorizing Scripture about what God says about beauty. Because to be honest, all I felt after walking away from that night was ugliness.

It took me a couple days of processing to come out on the other side of this “war” on aging. And I am still just barely crawling in my stance on this conversation.

But do you know what the main thing that comes to mind when I start to think about this whole mess?

God created time. And while He is not impacted by the constraints of time, we as His creations are. Our time on this earth is linear with a period on the end of it. Which means each moment that passes is drawing us closer to our last breath.

And our time is limited on this earth. When I think about the day I will stand before my creator and give an account for how I spent my time, money, talent and resources, I don’t think I’ll have extra stars in heaven for pursuing a wrinkle-free forehead.

So how do we combat the cultural pressure to not age?

We start talking about this topic. We stop obsessing over what we see in the mirror. We pause before making that appointment or buying that crazy expensive product and we ask some deeper, harder questions: Why am I really doing this? What is the root?

In the interim, I am learning to be OK with all those lines, because my worth—your worth—is not dependent on perfect, wrinkle-free skin. This truth will be stuck on repeat in my mind for a while.

So Satan picked the wrong generation of women to mess with.

We won’t get swept away by his sick efforts to make a female generation chase perfectionism.

We are planting our feet. We are saying no to those procedures, those costly products and to a goal we were never meant to run after.


Megan Ramsey



Source: relevantmagazine.com

Lifestyle: Every woman needs to know this 10 awesome lipstick tricks

From the world over women and lipstick have become the best of friends and in some instances inseparable.

Lipstick as a cosmetic has transformed women’s dull and glum looks to exciting “Belles” that get the attention of whomever and whatever they want.

However, it’s not the love of lipstick alone that would make you look good. You need to master the art of wearing lipstick by learning the top 10 tricks that would make your application look sexy, simple and easy.

1. To avoid staining your teeth with the lipstick by running your finger through your lips. 

Lipsticks are naturally sticky and they usually make their way onto your teeth. Imagine speaking to a guy in public and all he sees is the lipstick on your teeth. After applying the lipstick, run your right index finger (which is the finger in the middle of your teeth), hold it with your lips and drag it out.

2. Your perfect pink shade is your lip gum

Have you wondered how to get the perfect shade of pink?? No worries just check the color of your gum; it’s your perfect shade.

3. Apply a concealer or primer before applying your lipstick

Sometimes your lipstick shade might not be what you bought from the shop or your vendor. If it happens like this just put on a base on your lip before applying the lip or use a little bit of foundation to make the color of your lip look like what was on the kit

4. For fuller lips use a lip liner

Use a liner to create your full lips before applying the lipstick. When tracing your lip, smile to find the perfect spot to exaggerate the line. Be careful not to over-trace the lips to look like a ditched psychotic bride.

5. Blot in between each application for long-lasting lipstick

For longer lasting lipstick that will take you all day without re-applying, blot in between applications. Whiles, you’re applying the lipstick, blot with tissue paper and apply the lipstick again and blot for the last time.

6. Use powder around your lip edges

Powder around your lip edges to leave it nice, clean and polished after you’re done applying the lipstick.

7. Use a lighter to repair your broken lipstick

A broken lipstick is almost as if your heart was broken in the process. The thought of finding your one in a million lipstick brand is just unbearable. You could smash it into a paste and leave it in a container or melt the broken with a lighter and fix it back to the other half.

8. Exfoliate your lips

Before you apply the lipstick make sure to exfoliate your lips really well. This is done with a toothbrush or Vaseline, the idea is to remove all the flakes on your lips leaving it fresh, smooth and sexy.

9. Use translucent powder to get a perfect nude lip

If you want a perfect shade of nude, dust translucent powder on top your lip for a matte feel without having to use a matte lipstick.

10. Apply matte lipstick

Matte lipstick can get really uncomfortable and dry but to prevent the feelings of dryness, apply lip balm. Lip balms keep the lips hydrated and moist.


















































3 common mistakes you are making with your brows!

Eyebrows frame the face perfectly when done properly, not when over exaggerated!

Doing the eyebrows right should equal it giving a flattering effect to the face, it should not look artificial or drawn on.

It’s best to maintain natural brows first then shaping and grooming them regularly which creates the ease of defining them to look as natural as possible which in turn makes them easier to fill or neaten when doing a whole face of makeup.

There are a lot of funny things that go on with the brows but these ones are very common and should be avoided:

1. Overplucking

Yes, it’s great to tame the brows regularly but going overboard with shaping it can turn out funny looking. DON’T scrape off your brows only to draw them back on. Follow you natural arch to pluck out stray hairs or get a professional to do just that.

When brows are well tamed, they appear more natural when they are defined as against when they’ve been over-plucked. (Even they have been microbladed, they should be touched up).

2. Drawing boxy lines

Starting off the brows as natural as possible using light strokes when filling in as dense as possible is the best way to get natural good looking brows as against drawing the entire length of the brows.

Boxy brows are No Nos.

3. Filling too dark

Instead of bold, dark strokes, opt for light and natural looking strokes sticking to filling in only the sparse areas, this way the brows come out looking as natural as possible.

10 easy and quick makeup hacks

Getting ready in the mornings is enough of a hassle, even without having to apply a full face of makeup, but when you’ve pressed the snooze button a few too many times, then the pressure is really on.

If you are one of those people who never leave quite enough time to put your makeup on in the mornings, here are ten amazing makeup hacks that will help you finish your makeup faster and get out of the door a lot quicker.

1. Do some preparation, before you go to bed

You can make your life a lot easier in the mornings by getting your makeup and beauty kit ready before you go to bed.

Get all the products lined up and ready to go, make sure that your makeup brushes are clean, and make sure that everything is going to be easy to find in the morning.

2. Separate weekend makeup from weekday makeup

Even with organising your makeup the night before, if you are still left with more makeup than you need, you will be wasting a lot of time.

Most people wear totally different makeup on a Saturday night to what they would wear to go to work, so separate out the weekend makeup from the weekday makeup and keep it in a separate place.

3. Use foundation only where you need it

You really don’t need foundation all over your face, so use it strategically, and save yourself some time. Apply foundation in a T shape, with a horizontal line that stretches under your eyes and a vertical line that goes down over your nose to the bottom of your chin.

These are the areas of the face where most people need foundation. When you have applied the T shape, blend it outward across your face with a damp makeup sponge.

4. Make more of your mascara

You can ditch eyeliner when you are in a rush and use your mascara instead. When you apply mascara to your lashes, go all the way down the lashes to the roots and then give the wand a little wiggle, so that the mascara covers the skin as well. That will be both your lashes and the eyeliner done in half the time.

5. Use an eye shadow palette

To save some time working out which eyeshadow shades will go together, use a palette with complimentary shades already in it.

That way, you can create stunning eyes without even a second thought. You could also use the darkest shade in the palette as eyeliner to save you a bit more time.

6. Brighten eyes the fast way

There is no need for lots of eye creams and concealers if you know this simple makeup hack to get wide awake eyes.

To make eyes look wide open, apply a beige or taupe eyeliner to the water lines at both the top and the bottom of your eyes. The light shade will make your eyes look wide awake and it won’t take any time at all to do.

7. Use lipstick as blush

If you need to add a bit of colour to your cheeks and you’re short of time, you can always use lipstick as a blush. Use your fingers to apply the lipstick to your lip and the just apply the excess to your cheeks and then blend it.

8. The fastest way to create a smoky eye

Here’s the fastest ever way to create a smoky eye. First of all, you apply eyeshadow from your eyelid up to the crease.

Then, using an eyeliner pencil that is two shades darker than the eyeshadow, pencil a hashtag symbol on the outer corner of each of your eyes. Smudge that inwards and you will get a great smoky eye look without having to use loads of different products.

9. Use cream makeup products

If you use cream makeup products, you can save all the time it takes to look for the right makeup brushes to use with each product and apply the makeup with your fingers instead. Using your fingers will also save you the time of having to wash makeup brushes regularly too.

10. Lipstick, lashes, go!

If you have left it really late to get ready, you can get away with just lipstick and lashes. Curl your lashes first, because that will make you look more awake.

Then, apply mascara right down the full length of your lashes to the roots and use the mascara to line your eyes in the way that we mentioned in tip 4. Then, all you need to do is swipe on some lipstick and you’re ready to get out the door.

Source:Beauty and tips

Six beauty benefits of lemon

Beauty treatments can dig deep holes into your pocket and not only that, but some of the treatments might not be that effective.


So hundreds of dollars might be spent with no positive outcome.  Before heading to the dermatologist or the department store, take a look in your own kitchen for your own beauty remedies.


Lemons are a versatile fruit providing a number of aesthetic benefits. Originating in Asia, lemons have an extensive history but mostly of one used in cooking. However, many dermatologists and beauty gurus have recommended the use of lemons in daily skin maintenance.


“The alpha hydroxyl acid in lemons is similar to the ingredients you’d find in a dermatologist’s peel,” the Oz blog reported, speaking to Dr. Elizabeth Hale, professor of dermatology at the New York University School of Medicine.


Lemons also provide a number of other skin, nail, and hair benefits. Take a look at six helpful beauty tips below:

1. Remove Blackheads

Take a lemon and slice it in half, rub the juice all over your face and wait five minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. Lemons have antibacterial properties, making it a perfect blackhead remedy. Blackheads are caused by clogged pores, and the acid called alpha hydroxyl from the lemons help to exfoliate the skin.


2. Lighten Old Acne Scars

Instead of heading to the dermatologist to help fade acne scars, just take a look in your refrigerator. Take a cotton ball and soak it with a little freshly squeezed lemon juice, and rub it all over your face. The lemon juice when applied daily will gradually help to lightens up the scars as it works as a chemical peel.


3. Removes Calluses, Corns, And Warts

Using the inside of a lemon (the white part) and placing it against any of these skin imperfections will help to dry out the callus, corn, or wart. Leave it on overnight and in about week they should fall off.


4. Lighten Your Hair

Skip the dye. This is a perfect and gradual remedy for those sunny summer days. Mix the juice from four lemons with ¼ cup of warm water, put it in a spray bottle, and spray it in your hair until it’s damp. Make sure you only expose your hair to the sun for about 30-60 minutes, depending on how light you want to make it. After you’re done, take a shower and use conditioner, as lemon juice can sometimes dry out your hair.


5. Strengthen Nails

Soaking nails into lemon juice for about 10 minutes and rinsing them with warm water once a week will not only help them to grow but will also remove any discoloration.


6. Lighten Discolored Armpits and Elbows

Discoloration and hyperpigmentation happens to people when there is more melanin in their skin. The more melanin a person has in their skin, the darker it will be. Since lemon acts as a bleaching agent, rubbing a cut lemon on armpits or elbows will help to lighten the skin in those areas.


We hope you try some of these home remedies. However, in no way are these tips intended to cure or teat any type of skin, hair, or nail issue. Before trying any of these, please seek out the approval from your health care provider.

Source: adomonline

The Red Tea Detox
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