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‘Fashion Friday’: How to nail the Christmas party look (clue: don’t try to be cool)

It’s not cool to admit to liking Christmas parties.

Cool people go large at pop-up rooftop negroni bars, or at Burning Man, then roll their eyes and make snide jokes about photocopiers when the Christmas Night Out rolls around. More fool them.

Christmas is the only time of year when, as a grownup, you go to a party knowing you’ll get cake. Result.

Also, Christmas parties are about having fun, not about posing and being cool. This is possibly why the cool people don’t like them, come to think of it.

And a festive dress-up is the nicest kind: indulgent and cosy, rather than exposed or difficult or provocative. Anything that requires shapewear or a faffy strapless bra situation can wait till New Year’s Eve, thank you very much.

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The best Christmas party clothes don’t try and transform you into anyone you are not, but instead elevate tired, five o’clock you into a sparklier, twinklier eight o’clock version of you.

The best-dressed person at a party is rarely the most dressed-up person.

But if high-octane isn’t your thing, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a party look.

Your look can be a gorgeous black trouser suit with flat shoes. Just add a printed blouse, and perhaps a glass of red for a flash of colour. Forget scratchy lace: creamy chubby cord is very Nordic hygge-chic, amped up for evening with an excellent earring and a pop of blusher. You can bypass the hold-your-tummy-in school of dressing and opt for an emerald-green satin, long-sleeve blouse and sequin jeans in a toning colour.

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If you are going to invest in one party piece in 2017, make it a blouse. It has gone from dull workwear to classic dinner do, and is now joining the party, ice cubes clinking. A slinky blouse works with everything – jeans, velvet miniskirt, leather trousers – and catches the light without adding too much disco-ball sparkle.

Accessories? This is the season to bring out your most impractical bag, or show-stopping heels. (Wear them with a long, loose, floaty dress for an easy evening update on the midi-skirt-and-knit you’ve been wearing all autumn.)

Leave to-do lists and the hand-sanitiser at home, and swing your smallest, silliest bag. Heck, wear a pair of cat ears, if the mood takes you. You know that Coco Chanel rule about looking in the mirror then taking one thing off? It doesn’t apply during advent. If anything, you need to add one crucial extra finishing touch to complete your party look. Mince pie, anyone?


Source: The Guardian

Fashion Friday: Great styles for plus-size ladies

Ever felt unable to flaunt what you got because mainstream fashion is fixated on the slim body shape? Not anymore, at least not today.

There are many body shapes that characterise the plus-size lady, but here we focus on two:  Apple-shaped body and the Pear-shaped body.

These two body types are useful in determining the body fat distribution.

– An apple-shaped body has no defined waist and the weight tends to form on the stomach. This shape generally has narrow hips, larger breasts and a large waist.

– The pear-shaped body has the body with defined waistlines. Mostly, a person with this body type has fat is settled around the hips, thighs and buttocks. This body type is characteristic of the famous ‘hour-glass’ body shape.


Below are dress options for both apple-shaped and pear-shaped plus-size ladies. Enjoy!

1. Flared Gown


Flared dresses keep the belly in shape and prevent your body from clinging to them.

2. Kente shorts with a sleeveless top 



The beauty of the outfit is also attributed to the hat, to protect the face from direct sunlight.

3. Kente shorts with loose a white shirt 


The zipper of the kente short is positioned at the side to avoid adding extra bumps on the front.
4. Pata Pata gown 


This gown holds the body together and keeps every posture tidy.

5. Shirt dress 


Shirt dresses always make a statement.

Cecil Duddley Mends

*Fashion designer, Cecil Duddley Mends and his CDM Fashion Couture team contributed to these African wear ideas. CDM Fashion Couture is an emerging force in the fashion industry, specializing in all types of designs and outfit, including all kinds of gowns for academic institutions and robes.


Source: myjyoyonline

Looking good is not what keeps me up at night – Samira Bawumia

Samira Bawumia

Ghana’s beautiful and fashionable Second Lady Hajia Samira Bawumia has openly admitted that she loves to look good but looking good is not what keeps her awake at night.

She emphasized that her real focus is not just to look good but how she can impact the lives of other people positively with her good looks.

Madam Samira has been consistent with her looks and become a constant point of attraction with her classy sense of fashion. The Vice President’s wife make headlines with her impeccable style, no matter the occasion but don’t be ‘fooled’, Ghana’s gorgeous 2nd Lady has disclosed that she also has her share of bad and stressful moments in her quest to always look good.

Mrs. Bawumia opened up about her style and how she wants her style to bring positive change, on stage during the just ended Glitz Style Awards 2017 held at the Mövenpick Hotel Saturday, August 19.

Mrs. Bawumia revealed at the star studded annual event that her efforts, thoughts and passion are rooted in how to cause meaningful change in the lives of Ghanaians at all levels.

“Everyone knows I love to look good and I try. Even though I like to look good, that is not what keeps me up at night. What keeps me up at night is thinking about how I can make a difference in people’s lives. After all, when all is said and done, it’s not what you wore or what you did, but what it meant to the people. It’s the impact you made in people’s lives”.

She called on Ghanaians to join her and her NPP government on this journey.

“So join us on this journey to positively affect people’s lives, to change lives to make Ghana better. Please help us, stay with us, come with us on this exciting journey” a portion of her acceptance speech read.

She made this remark in her acceptance speech after she was honoured as ‘Style Icon’ at the 2017 Glitz Style Awards 2017.

Watch Samira on stage at Glitz Style Awards 2017:







Princess Duncan represents Ghana at Miss Commonwealth

Twenty-four year-old model, Princess Duncan  will represent Ghana at the forthcoming Miss Commonwealth in the United Kingdom (UK).

Last year, Princess represented Ghana at the Miss Global Beauty Pageant in South Korea where she was awarded Miss Peace Ambassador.

Princess is a graduate of Crystal Galaxy College where she studied Airline Management (Cabin Crew)

According to her, she is confident and well prepared to make Ghana proud on the international stage. Her main objective for taking part in the contest, therefore, is to help the less-privileged in the society.

“Miss Commonwealth pageant is an international pageant through which we achieve the Commonwealth goals through beauty, and this is the 17th edition of Miss Commonwealth pageant in the United Kingdom,” she said.

“The power of one person to cure social ills and support those in need should never be underestimated, that is why I choose to embark on charity projects as Miss Commonwealth,” Princess added.

She also believes in giving because the Good books say “there are more blessings in giving than receiving. I will do everything possible within my capacity to help the needy in the society.”






Pleated skirts the new trend

One of the biggest fashion trends this year is a pleated skirt. Now, I realize that pleated skirts can seem intimidating to wear, as well as a little too preppy, professional, and maybe even old-fashioned.

knife pleats (the tiny, sharp pleats you usually see on midi skirts) are also difficult to take care of and have a very high fashion quality to them. Even larger pleats can seem difficult to wear because they can easily look very dressed up or mature… and that’s not always the look you’re going for.

The thing is, though, there are actually tons of ways to wear pleated skirts, and most of these are really fun and cool outfit ideas instead of something that will remind you of your grandma. Don’t believe me? I found a whole bunch of real-life outfits worn by fashion bloggers and Instagram models alike that feature pleated skirts in the best way possible.

Once you find the pleated skirt that is best for you – whether it’s tiny pleats or larger ones, a midi length or a more mini length, a bright color or something more classic – you can do a lot with it that will make you look amazing and extremely cool and fashion forward.






Source: ghanaweb

Radford launches 2017 fashion show

RADFORD University College (RUC) has launched its 2017 Graduates Fashion Show with a pledge to showcase the latest trends in the fashion industry.

The event which would be held on May 27 at the Kempinski Hotel in Accra will see graduates from the Fashion and Design Department of the university showing their latest collections and designs.

At the launch,  some graduates exhibited some of the designs that would be showcased at the fashion show.

Launching the event, the President of RUC, Dr Paul Effah, said one of the courses that was done well at the university was fashion designs.

“Since 2013, we have been organising the Graduates Fashion Show. Before our students leave our walls, they have to outdoor their works, and that is what the fashion show is about,” he said, adding that “what they would put out this year would be better than last year’s”.

He said the university stood for professionalism and entreprenurship and that every student who passed through the school acquired knowledge in those areas.

The Chairman of RUC, Nana Dwomoh Sarpong, said the exhibition by the students were just a tip of the iceberg of what they were going to showcase on May 27.

“This year’s event would be spetacular because we are going to showcase the unique works of the graduates of 2017,” he said.

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