10 injured as school building collapses on teachers and students in E/R (video)

A harrowing incident unfolded in the Sukrong Awanfi suburb of Adesu, situated in the Upper West Akim District of the Eastern Region, as a school building collapsed, leaving at least 10 individuals injured, including both teachers and students.

According to reports from UTV, the tragic event occurred during a sporting activity hosted by the school, drawing participants from neighbouring schools in the vicinity. As the weather suddenly shifted to cloudy and windy conditions, attendees sought refuge within the school buildings.

With the buildings quickly filling up, some individuals sought shelter in an ageing building, which had served as a classroom before the tragic incident. Tragically, as the windstorm intensified, the weakened building succumbed to the force, trapping and injuring those inside

Ebenezer Ayeh, reporting on the scene, conveyed that the injured victims were promptly rushed to Adeisu Hospital for medical attention. A video captured the aftermath of the collapse, depicting the devastation with walls and roofing sheets strewn across the ground, as individuals moved about amidst a palpable sense of fear and trauma.

Efforts are underway to provide necessary assistance to those affected by this distressing incident, as authorities investigate the circumstances surrounding the collapse.

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