5 things that made Christian Atsu a human angel

EMMANUEL AYAMGA February 23, 2023 8:19 AM

The football world currently mourning Christian Atsu, a man who used football to make a great impact on society.

Atsu was confirmed dead last Saturday after his lifeless body was pulled out of the rubble in the wake of the earthquake in Turkey.

This followed days of intense search following the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria two weeks ago.

Tributes have poured in from far and near, with many expressing their condolences to the footballer’s family and loved ones.

However, his good deeds remain imprinted on the minds of many, as he was impactful both on and off the pitch and extended a helping hand to those who needed it most.

Below, we take a look at five things that made Atsu a human angel:

Helped re-integrate ex-convicts into society

Atsu played a huge role in the non-custodial sentencing bill and teamed up with the Crime Check Foundation to pay the fines of petty criminals.

These included persons who were languishing in prison over petty theft, and also helped to reintegrate the freed inmates into society.

The deceased winger even went as far as providing money for some of them to start businesses.

Paid fees of many, including Nigerian comedian Craze Clown

Atsu was loved due to his willingness to give without trumpeting his deeds on social media or via any other public medium.

When his death was confirmed, popular Nigerian comedian Craze Clown revealed that the footballer had paid his fees throughout the university.

And he wasn’t alone. Atsu was actually paying for the fees of many other people before his unfortunate demise.

Bought football kits and boots for upcoming footballers

Anytime Atsu was in Ghana for the off-season holidays, he made sure he brought along kits, boots and other items to support young footballers.

He was constantly in touch with all his youth teams and made sure he supported them whenever he could.

An ambassador for many children’s charity foundations

Atsu was also an ambassador for many children’s charity foundations. In Ghana, he financed the Becky’s Foundation, which caters for orphans.

He had even started building a school for the orphanage, which is made up of nine classrooms, libraries, a pitch and ultramodern libraries, before his death. He was also an ambassador of the charity organisation Arms Around the Child.

A devoted Christian who preached God’s word

Aside from all his good deeds, Atsu was also a devoted Christian who believed strongly in the divine power of God.

The former Newcastle United forward usually posted Bible quotations on his social media pages to encourage the faith of his Christian followers.

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