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Beasts Of No Nation: Strika Says He Misses Eating Omotuo With Abraham Attah, Video Sparks Emotions

Strika of Beasts of No Nation fame threw more light on filming with his co-star Abraham Attah on the 2015 blockbuster movie In an exclusive interview with, Strika said he misses walking through the bushes with Abraham Attah, as well as playing around with him on set He also said that one thing he enjoyed on set was the Ghanaian delicacies served and how he loved eating from the same bowl with his co-star Abraham Attah.

Strika of Beasts of No Nation fame has expressed his unending love for his co-star Abraham Attah and shared what he misses about him in an interview.

Strika speaks about filming with Abraham Attah In an exclusive interview with, Strika mentioned scenes he missed filming in Beasts of No Nation. He said he misses those scenes where he and Abraham Attah used to play around.

“I miss those scenes where Abraham Attah and I were cutting heads and the parts where we ate omotuo. As for those parts, I really miss those parts.”

“Walking in the bushes and all that stuff. It is very nice. I really really miss that part,” he emphasised.

Speaking about life after shooting the 2015 blockbuster movie, he said that life has not been easy, however, he has managed to find his feet. “It was a little but stressful but I am cool with it,” he told

“Abraham and I used to be close, everything changed when he got famous”: Strika reported that Strika, in an interview, opened up about his relationship with fellow movie actor Abraham Attah and the last time he heard from him.

The budding actor said they used to be in touch when they were kids after filming Beasts of No Nation, however, he does not hear from Attah anymore. In an emotional video, he said now that Attah has garnered fame and is a major movie star in the US, it is difficult to reach him, adding that it is only possible through his management.


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