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Beat the pressure: Hypertension campaign to be unveiled at UniMAC Pitch Day

RippleCraft Agency, a student-led creative force, is set to showcase its first project, the impactful “Beat The Pressure” campaign video, at the highly anticipated UniMAC Pitch Day on Friday, January 12, 2024. The campaign is aimed at addressing the pressing issue of hypertension also known as high blood pressure.

UniMAC Pitch Day, hosted by the University of Media, Arts, and Communication – Institute of Journalism (UniMAC-IJ), is a platform that brings together innovation and creativity, providing an opportunity for students taking up the Strategic Community Relations Course to present groundbreaking initiatives.

The campaign video, “Beat The Pressure,” is a visually compelling and informative piece designed to raise awareness about hypertension and inspire positive behavior changes. The video creatively captures the heartbeat of modern life and seamlessly integrates practical advice on maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle.

“We are thrilled to present ‘Beat The Pressure’ at UniMAC Pitch Day. This campaign is not just about raising awareness; it’s a call to action for individuals to prioritize their heart health. We believe that by leveraging creativity, we can make a meaningful impact on public health,” said Paulina Hanson, Team Lead at RippleCraft Agency.

UniMAC Pitch Day attendees will have the opportunity to engage with the campaign video, and explore its innovative approach. The video will be showcased during a dedicated presentation by RippleCraft Agency, followed by a Q&A session for audience interaction.

The campaign aims to foster a sense of community and encourage individuals to share their experiences, tips, and commitment to heart health.

Source: Citi Newsroom

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