Bepong: Mpraeso MP condemns Police’s use of live ammunition

Mpraeso MP Davis Ansah Opoku has criticised the Police for resorting to the use of live ammunition during an attempt to disperse a hostile crowd in the Kwahu South Municipality of the Eastern Region.

He described the decision to use live ammunition as unacceptable and not in line with modern policing practices worldwide.

In a press statement issued on Tuesday, February 6, the lawmaker called for an immediate reassessment of the police’s approach to handling the situation.

He expressed concern that the use of live rounds by the police has led to a halt in economic activities and emphasized the importance of preventing any further escalation of the situation.

“I am deeply troubled by the recent outbreak of violence in Bepong and the subsequent police response in the community. The reported use of live ammunition by police to control the agitated crowd, resulting in one fatality and injuries to others, is unacceptable and demands immediate revaluation.”

“I call for an urgent de-escalation of the increasing police presence and a shift towards dialogue and peaceful resolution.

“The safety and well-being of my constituents are paramount, and this can only be achieved through restraint, transparency, and engagement with the community.

“The peace-loving people of Bepong are not at war with anyone. We do not intend to attack anyone, including the police, so we demand that the police act accordingly.”

Following a shooting incident on Sunday, February 4, in Kwahu Bepong, the Kwahu South Municipal Security Council (MUSEC) has ordered the closure of schools in the area.

Tragically, the incident resulted in two fatalities and multiple injuries caused by stray bullets fired by the police during an attempt to disperse a hostile crowd in the Eastern Region municipality.

In response, law enforcement has detained 71 individuals and increased their presence in the town, prompting many youths to flee the area to avoid potential arrest amid ongoing police investigations.


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