Circle ECOMOG fire: Don’t build under transmission lines – GRIDCo

The Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) has warned Ghanaians not to erect structures under transmission lines. 

According to GRIDCo, such actions and structures pose a danger to lives and property. 

The warning comes after a fire incident at Circle ECOMOG, which resulted in the destruction of electricity pylons leading to total darkness in major parts of Accra on Wednesday, June 5. 

Head of Communications at GRIDCo, Dzifa Bampoe, said such practice must cease. 

“Being under these transmission lines is very dangerous. It is not safe for human habitation, and that is why, not just for this particular transmission line but for all our transmission lines, our 161, 225, 330 KV transmission lines across the country, we go around from time to time and clear people from these transmission lines but those people always come back.”

The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Titus Glover, also assured that nobody will be allowed to rebuild at Circle ECOMOG, directly below GRIDCo’s transmission lines and threatened to arrest anyone who attempts to do so.

“This is a national asset, this is a GRIDCo line that is transmitting power all over. So whoever is living here, you live here at your own peril, and we will make sure we drive away everybody from here.

“This is what we have instructed from now. We will make sure the police are here 24/7. If we see anybody here, we will get them arrested.”

source: city newsroom

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