Citi FM/Citi TV’s Umaru Sanda honoured as youth development Chief for Asutsuare

Citi FM and Citi TV’s Umaru Sanda Amadu has been installed as a Youth Development Chief for Asutsuare in the Shai Osudoku District of the Greater Accra Region following his coverage of the aftermath of the Akosombo dam spillage in the area.

Umaru Sanda Amadu who led the coverage for Citi FM/Citi TV in Dangme communities along the Volta River spanning from the Shai Osudoku District through the Ada East District refocused the discussion about the devastation from concentrating only on Mepe which was the epicenter.

At a ceremony in Asutsuare on Sunday, the ‘Cowboy Journalist’ was decorated with a kente cloth an

d given the title, Nene Odeopeo Umaru Sanda Narh II.

Mepe, in the North Tongu District of the Volta Region, became the reference point for the devastation following the spillage of the Akosombo and Kpong dams. Many philanthropists, media houses and government officials thronged the town following the news.

On 16th October 2023, Citi News’ Umaru Sanda Amadu visited the Shai Osudoku District of the Greater Accra region and discovered that the devastation was not exclusive to Mepe.

The following day, on the 17th of October, 2023, the Citi News team led by Umaru Sanda Amadu again went to Ada, another town in the Greater Accra Region to uncover more devastation as a result of the flooding.

After the discovery, the management of Citi FM and Citi TV began a massive campaign to raise funds for victims of the flooding. The first relief effort arrived in Asutsuare on 19th October, 2023. The other truckload of relief items proceeded from Asutsuare to Tokpo, another community in the Shai Osudoku District.

Team Citi would later deliver relief items to the Ada East, South, Central and North Tongu Districts among a host of other districts before building resettlement centres for the affected communities.

The Assembly Member for the Asutsuare Electoral Area, Jonathan Kwabla on Sunday, 31st March 2024 invited Citi News’ Umaru Sanda Amadu to a durbar of chiefs and opinion leaders of the area at which he was presented with a plaque in recognition of his coverage of the flood situation.

After the award, Umaru Sanda Amadu was adorned in a kente cloth, ahenema sandals and installed as the youth development chief for Asutsuare under the title, Nene Odeopeo Umaru Sanda Narh II. He assured the chiefs and youth that he would help bridge the development gap in Asutsuare with the help of the microphone of Citi FM and the cameras of Citi TV.

Similarly, in January 2024, assembly members in Ada also gifted the journalist a live turkey and seafood in appreciation of his coverage of their flood situation which resulted in the building of a resettlement center in their community by Citi FM and Citi TV.

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