COPEC warns of looming fuel shortage amid tanker drivers’ strike

The Chamber of Petroleum Consumers (COPEC) is predicting an imminent fuel shortage should the grievances of the striking Ghana National Petroleum Tanker Drivers Union remain unresolved.

COPEC emphasises that urgent resolution of the drivers’ concerns is imperative to avert potentially severe repercussions.

The Ghana National Petroleum Tanker Drivers Union commenced an indefinite sit-down strike on Tuesday, May 21, demanding enhancements in their conditions of service. 

This action underscores the drivers’ frustrations with existing working conditions and highlights the urgency of addressing these issues to ensure the uninterrupted flow of petroleum products.

The Executive Secretary of COPEC, Duncan Amoah, expressed grave concern about the potential ramifications of the ongoing strike. 

He stressed that if the strike persists for 72 hours, consumers may soon face the inconvenience of queuing at fuel pumps in search of the essential product.

“The oil marketing companies cannot get you the products without those tanker drivers and what that adds to the woes of the Ghanaian is that if that strike is not called off within the next 48 to 72 hours, we may soon have to queue to get fuel because the supply at the various fuel stations is likely to run out,” he said.  

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