Cost of mobile phone accessories surge over Cedi depreciation

Customers desirous of acquiring mobile phone accessories may need to properly hone their bargaining skills to get a good deal not worth a fortune.

From phone covers to chargers to earpieces, the cost of these items is rising sharply, with some dealers sounding the alarm over the detrimental impact of the Cedi’s depreciation on the importation of mobile phone accessories.

Some phone dealers who refused to go on record but volunteered information told Citi Business News that they have had to inject more capital to import these products from London and China.

A wholesale price of chargers, cords, screen protectors and earpieces, some said, which could cost them between GHȼ5 to GHȼ15 is now costing more than GHȼ20, which has also compelled them to increase prices.

While previously, individuals wanting to protect their mobile devices from destruction or harm would have needed about GHȼ50 at most for both a phone cover case and screen protector, the situation is not the same anymore.

Presently, Chimezie Jovita, who has been in the mobile phone accessories business for more than five years, said the business has become so challenging that dealers cannot afford to sell at such prices anymore.

“Sometimes they [customers] complain. Like last year I gave them some prices, but this year the price changed. Once the price changes and they come, they will compare with the one I told them last year but I try and explain to them that sometimes prices change [from] where we are importing it the price will change from there.

“I have GHȼ40 and GHȼ50. If the person is my customer, I just give it to him for GHȼ30 to maintain him. Last year we were selling [charger] GHȼ40 but as the price increased from where we are buying it from we sell it GHȼ50 now,” he added.

This price surge is not limited to phone covers and screen protectors. Items such as mobile phone chargers and earpieces have also seen significant price hikes.

Uche Peter, another phone accessories dealer, told Citi Business News how concerning this development is, as customers resort to bargaining, which sometimes robs them of their profit and customers.

“If I tell them the price, they ask for a reduction. They mention their price. If it is enough I sell, but if not they go.”

source: city newsroom

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