Daughters of Glorious Jesus discloses how two mentally challenged persons got healed after listening to their songs

Gospel Group Daughters of Glorious Jesus has disclosed a shocking revelation of how their song ministrations healed two mentally challenged persons.

Lead Singer of the group, Cynthia Appiadu recounted these testimonies in an interview with Citi TV.

She recalled that one time in Virgina after they had ministered a song, a lady approached them and shared a testimony of how she got healed from mental disorder after consistently listening to their songs.

“We’ve had one person from Virginia. When we started one of our songs we saw the girl rolling until we finished. She was just quiet and she came to us and said I just want to share my testimony.

“She started that she was 16 years and went insane and her mother had bought a cassette of daughters of Glorious Jesus songs and her mother use to play the songs all the time and one day she came back to her senses. So, when we started ministering that particular song which healed her, she couldn’t stand,” she shared.

According to her, another man in Manchester also recounted his testimony to them about how he was traumatized and affected mentally after he was deported from Italy.

“And another man in Manchester he was an MC for the program we attended. He was in Italy and deported to Ghana as soon as he got to Ghana, he was mentally affected by the situation. But where he used to stay one person was consistently playing our songs and he will go and stand behind the window, listen and be dancing until the music stops.

“One day he was listening to the song and all he saw was he was not himself and took his bath and realized he was healed. So he even shared his testimony before he even started hosting the program in Manchester,” she narrated.

These testimonies they say motivates and encourages the gospel music trio to continue come up with amazing music for Ghanaians.

Daughters of Glorious Jesus was formed in 1989 and has produced over a hundred songs to their name. The gospel music group through their performances has imprinted their names into the hearts and minds of Ghanaians for three and half decades with their back-to-back hits which have transformed lives over the period.

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