Diesel and LPG to go down — COPEC


Diesel and Liquefied Petroleum Gas prices are anticipated to decrease, according to the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers.

Fuel station

This adjustment is attributed to a global drop in finished product prices, despite a slight depreciation of the cedi over the past two weeks.

Meanwhile, petrol prices will remain unchanged. COPEC predicts average petrol prices at GH¢11.71 per liter, diesel at GH¢12.13 per liter, and LPG at GH¢12.30 per kilogram.

Moving into 2024, petroleum product prices on the domestic market decreased.

The average petrol price was GH¢11.80, diesel was GH¢12.25, and LPG sold at GH¢13 per kg.

Notably, Star Oil and Zen Petroleum were among the OMCs offering lower fuel prices.

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