EC rescinds decision on exclusive use of Ghana card for registration

The Electoral Commission (EC) has decided to rescind its earlier decision to exclusively use the Ghana card for voter registration.

Ghana Card

The initial plan sparked widespread discussions and concerns among various stakeholders.

The announcement came as a relief to many Ghanaians who had raised objections to the strict reliance on the Ghana card, citing potential disenfranchisement of eligible voters without the required identification document.

The EC’s initial decision aimed to streamline the registration process and enhance the credibility of the voter register. However, the public’s reaction, coupled with legal challenges, prompted the electoral body to reconsider its approach.

This comes in the wake of the EC’s choice not to submit a fresh Constitutional Instrument (C.I.) to the Parliament, as highlighted in a collective statement released by the Commission and representatives of different political parties during the Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) meeting on March 7.

The EC clarified that the decision to allow other identification documents alongside the Ghana card was made to ensure inclusivity and address the concerns raised by citizens.

“The Commission would not introduce new Constitutional Instruments (C.I.s) ahead of the Voter Registration Exercise and the General Elections. The existing C.I.s will remain in force,”

The current C.I. 126, which was ratified by Parliament before the 2020 General Election, acknowledges the passport and guarantor system as viable methods for new registrants to verify their identification as Ghanaians.

Also, indelible ink will remain in the mix of systems for identifying people who have voted during the elections.

Meanwhile, the EC has set the limited registration exercise to commence on Tuesday, May 7. The 21 days for the exercise is slated to conclude on Monday, May 27, 2024.

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