ECG’s PR gimmicks unwarranted, disgusting – IES

The Institute for Energy Security (IES) has expressed concerns over the Electricity Company of Ghana’s (ECG) alleged discrepancies in its public announcements regarding the recent power outages nationwide.

Despite the inconsistent power supply the government and the ECG assert that there is no load shedding, attributing the situation to a few technical issues, including the recent restoration of some 630 overloaded power transformers.

A March 29 statement from the ECG maintained that there is no load shedding anywhere and that “any customer who is currently experiencing power outage is due to a “localised fault.”

However, the IES, in a statement signed and released by its Executive Director, Nana Amoasi VII on April 1, expressed shock at ECG’s ‘misleading statement.’

“In the recent statement, the ECG sought to equate “stable national power supply” to “stable national grid,” both of which are non-existent in our present power sub-sector.”

“The IES is appalled by the extent to which the ECG is permitting the powers that be to frustrate its eligible business and to embarrass itself in the eye of the public. These public relation (PR) gimmicks by the ECG are unwarranted, disgusting, and diversionary; capable of denting the reputation and credibility of the institution,” the IES stated.

The IES questioned the possibility of a stable national power supply when, since the beginning of the year, the ECG has been receiving less than 85% of the power required to fully meet its customers’ demand from GRIDCo.

“Again, one wonders the capacity of the ECG to confidently suggest that Ghana has a stable national grid,” it said, adding that “Where the power sector finds itself today, the best utility to speak to issues of power supply stability and grid stability Is the system operator the Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo). Unfortunately, GRIDCo has gone mute, an attitude uncharacteristic of the entity.”

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