Ejisu NPP Primary: Don’t contest if you have conscience – Vitus Azeem to Kwasi Nyantakyi

Anti-Corruption Campaigner Vitus Azeem has urged former President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Kwasi Nyantakyi, to reconsider his decision to vie for the upcoming NPP Parliamentary primary for the Ejisu seat.

The Ejisu constituency’s parliamentary seat became vacant following the passing of Member of Parliament John Kumah.

While acknowledging that current laws do not prohibit Nyantakyi’s candidacy, Azeem asserted that it would be morally questionable for him to pursue the position.

In an interview on Eyewitness News with Umaru Sanda, the anti-corruption advocate emphasized that regardless of any investigations or prosecutions, the stain of corruption allegations would linger, advising Nyantakyi to weigh the implications before contesting the by-election.

“No matter, whether he has been prosecuted or not it is a dent on him and it cannot easily be wiped away. It may not be possible to legally bar him from contesting but as somebody interested in parliament, he should even consider contesting for an election.

“It is not even the fact that you come out to admit that you paid money but the mere fact that at the very beginning, he was the key player in the Anas investigations and even though he has not been investigated and prosecuted, he too has not been able to exonerate himself and has now implicated himself by admitting that he paid money to Anas to stop him from airing the expose because it contained information that will further implicate him. If he has a conscience, he should not stand.

He added also that should Kwasi Nyantakyi win the Ejisu seat, the dent of corruption will resurface any time he gets any government appointment in the future.

source: city news.com

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