EMTECH announces beyond compliance product for Fintechs to proactively manage risk

Award-winning software provider EMTECH has announced the launch of Beyond Compliance, a groundbreaking software product designed to help Financial Service Providers (FSPs) automate and manage regulatory compliance seamlessly in one place.

Beyond Compliance offers users a comprehensive 360-degree view of their regulatory checklists and workflows, guiding them through compliance processes with ease. By selecting their specific regulator or jurisdiction and providing a few details, users can standardize and automate their compliance activities. EMTECH designed this product to enhance business efficiency, ensure sustainability, and reduce the fragmentation and manual processes traditionally associated with compliance.

As incidents of fraud, digital identity theft, and money laundering rise, a recent McKinsey & Company report titled “The Future of the Payments Industry: How Managing Risk Can Drive Growth” emphasizes the need for service providers to “modify their risk management programs to protect their revenue and improve regulatory compliance. This may include enhancements to issue management, due diligence processes, risk appetite setting, or risk identification processes.”

“If fintech is to grow more resilient and effective at protecting consumers today and in the future, we have to rethink how compliance is managed compared to how it’s done today. With highly fragmented regulatory requirements, risk monitoring, and reporting methods, a more integrated compliance management platform is an essential tool for survival and growth,” notes Carmelle Cadet, CEO and Founder of EMTECH.

The Beyond Compliance product delivers an excellent user experience, offering a customizable solution that is both detailed and highly effective in ensuring compliance with regulatory directives. “The product is detailed and very effective in ensuring compliance with regulatory directives,” says beta user Kwasi Ofei, Head of Compliance at Juni Payments.

“Regulatory compliance can be a complex task for Financial Service Providers (FSPs). EMTECH’s Beyond Compliance is designed to help fintechs manage their compliance requirements across multiple markets, monitor their compliance status, and provide the level of regulatory visibility required by central banks and regulators,” says Steven Dickens, analyst at Futurum Research.



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