Ghana Enterprises Agency dispenses over GH₵700m to boost small and medium-scale businesses

The Chief Executive of the Ghana Enterprises Agency, Kosi Yankey-Ayeh, has revealed that her organisation has successfully disbursed over GH₵700 million to support micro, small, and medium-scale enterprises (MSMEs) in the country.

Speaking on JoyNews’ PM Express, Madam Yankey-Ayeh emphasised the significant impact of these interventions, highlighting that the funds have been instrumental in empowering and sustaining various businesses across different sectors during and post the Covid-19 outbreak.

When asked about the adequacy of the disbursements, she responded, “In life, you should never be satisfied with what you get. So I would want more, and I think people should want more. The question therefore should not be ‘Is it enough?’ The question should be ‘How can we do more for people?'”

The Chief Executive indicated that the governmnent is focused on continuous improvement and expansion of support for MSMEs.

She remarked, “In this nation’s history, no government or agency has disbursed so much funds to the micro, small, and medium-scale enterprises in the way we’ve done. It’s unprecedented, never happened before.”

Madam Yankey-Ayeh stressed the importance of not just evaluating the adequacy of the funds but also recognising the unprecedented nature of the agency’s efforts in supporting small businesses.

She urged a shift in perspective, stating, “The question should not be ‘Is it too small?’ Because it is not about that; it is about even making the effort.”

The Chief Executive’s disclosure comes as a testament to the commitment of the Ghana Enterprises Agency to fostering economic growth through the empowerment of MSMEs.

The funds disbursed aim to provide financial assistance, promote entrepreneurship, and contribute to the overall development of small businesses in the country.

As the agency continues to make strides in supporting the business community, the focus remains on exploring additional avenues to enhance the impact on entrepreneurs and further boost the economic landscape of Ghana.

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