Ghana must consider exporting nurses to curb rapid migration – Central Tongu MP

Alexander Roosevelt, a member of the Health Committee of Parliament has called on the government to take immediate action to address the migration of nurses by formalizing the process.

The Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association recently disclosed that approximately 6,000 nurses have left Ghana to seek better opportunities abroad since August 2023, citing poor working conditions as a key factor.

In an interview with Citi News, the Central Tongu MP emphasized the importance of implementing measures to legalize the migration of nurses to ensure that the state can benefit from this phenomenon.

“The departure of these people will also allow the newly trained ones to also be engaged. But the reality is that they might not have had the experience to handle the Ghanaians who have trained them.

“What we can do is that Ghana can train nurses, enter into agreement with the needing countries so that they will go there and be working and there will be some kind of remuneration from there for Ghana. But if it is not regularised, the people will be going and we will not benefit in any way.

“It should also be done in such a way that we will not leave all our experienced ones to run away on their own. Some of them will stay behind and train the newly trained ones practically on the job. But as it is now, we are losing.”

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