Ghana records 360m cedis from Baby Napkin exports to Cote d’Ivoire

Napkins and napkin liners for babies are Ghana’s primary exports to Cote D’Ivoire generating a total revenue of 360 million cedis in 2023.

This is followed by washing and cleaning materials packaged for retail sale, with an export value of 276 million cedis.

According to the 2023 Ghana Trade Report released by the Ghana Statistical Service, Ghana exported more goods to its neighbouring countries than it imported, with a total export value of 10.1 billion cedis.

The highest export value was recorded for Burkina Faso at 4.9 billion cedis, followed by Cote d’Ivoire at 2.7 billion cedis, and Togo at 2.4 billion cedis while iron and steel exports to Burkina Faso valued at 797 million cedis.

Napkins and napkin liners also featured as a significant export commodity to Togo, amounting to 92 million cedis.

On the import side, Ghana’s main imports from Burkina Faso were mangoes, valued at 166 million cedis, while palm oil was the third import commodity from Cote D’Ivoire, valued at 155 million cedis.

Diesel was the top import commodity from Togo, valued at 796 million cedis.

The report highlights Ghana’s significant trade surplus with its neighbouring countries, with exports exceeding imports in 2023.

source: city newsroom

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