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Ghanaian Restaurant Serves Food In Oware Board, Netizens React: “This Is Where We Reach”

A restaurant in Accra has sparked discussion by serving its meals on an Oware board, a traditional Ghanaian game board In a departure from conventional serving methods, the main dish was placed in one hole while the sauce was served in another on the same board

This creative presentation has garnered attention on social media, leaving many netizens surprised.

A Ghanaian restaurant has made history and got several social media users talking about how it serves its food. In most restaurants in Accra, meals are served on plates or bowls. Some plates and bowls are wooden; others are plastic and ceramic. Some restaurants serve their meals in earthen wares and leaves to add a local touch.

However, an unnamed restaurant in Accra has deviated from the norm and used something most people did not think of as a serving plate to present their food.

A restaurant in Accra serve food on the oware board

In an image in X, formerly Twitter, the restaurant served their meal on an Oware board.

The main meal was in one hole while the sauce was served in a separate hole on the same board.

Oware is an abstract strategy game among the mancala family of board games played worldwide, with slight variations in the layout of the game, number of players, and strategy of play.


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