Ghanaian students in Hungary struggle as stipend payments delay

The Ghana Students Association in Hungary (GASH) has raised alarm over the prolonged delay in disbursing stipends, adversely impacting the lives and academic pursuits of Ghanaian students studying in Hungary.

Expressing frustration, the students lamented the Ghanaian government’s failure to provide monthly stipends to approximately 215 students over the past six months.

These students, spanning undergraduate, Masters, and PhD programmes, are grappling with financial strains due to the absence of timely payments.

In a collective statement, students highlighted the detrimental effects of the government’s inaction, citing compromised academic performance and deteriorating mental well-being among the consequences.

Despite the established agreement between Ghana and Hungary, the stipends have remained elusive, exacerbating the already challenging circumstances faced by Ghanaian students abroad.

While the Hungarian government has honoured its commitment under the scholarship agreement, the soaring cost of living in Hungary further compounds the students’ predicament.

Despite numerous pleas to Ghanaian authorities, including the Government, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat, tangible steps to rectify the situation have yet to materialize.

with relevant stakeholders, to expedite the disbursement of stipends to the affected students, recognizing the critical need to alleviate their financial burdens and safeguard their academic pursuits.

Below is the full statement

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