Her business is gone – Yellow Sisi Waakye seller’s husband cries: ‘My wife can’t harm customers’


The husband of the popular Yellow Sisi Special Waakye seller has lamented how the poisoning and death of customers after eating his wife’s food has left her traumatized.

He expressed pessimism about the likelihood of his wife’s business recovering from the terrible incident and the bad image it has created for the business.

In an interview with Accra-based Citi FM, the disturbed man said that his wife loved her family and the customers she served too much to do anything deliberately to harm or kill them.

“My wife can’t do anything bad to her family nor her customers because we eat the same food anytime it’s prepared.

“My wife, one of her sales ladies and my daughter also reported to the hospital for treatment after eating the food. There is no way she will do anything to harm her customers,” he is quoted to have said.

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The Food and Drugs Authority has said that one person died contrary, to earlier reports of five casualties, while fifty-three (54) others were hospitalized after consuming the popular Waakye located at a place called Bush Canteen at Oyibi in the Greater Accra Region on Friday, January 20, 2023.

It is reported that the deceased person was the landlord of the parcel of land where the waakye joint is situated.

The FDA and the police are investigating the tragic incident to ascertain the cause of the poisoning among other things.

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